Meet Holly

Nice to meet you…I’m Holly. I am a well tailored hippie and creative professional with over 10 collective years of print, digital, website, event and product design experience. Please allow me to share with you my love of design.

It all started when I was very young and terrified of the boogie man. In my over active imagination I conjured a tiger that hid in the bushes to protect me. My imagination gave me the bravery I needed to sleep tight. I imagined so many things that I would doodle them on my school work, in reading books, and all over paper tablets. Colorful smears in crayon and marker, making my ideas real. Designing things became my tool for understanding the mysteries of purpose and finding resolve in my young mind.

Over the years I explored any art form I could get my hands on – any way to create what I imagined, knowing it would help guide my eventual career: Oil painting, drawing, watercolor, charcoal, pottery, batik, art journaling, photography…even sewing, jewelry and card making. So when I began taking Graphic Design courses, learning how to make ideas digital it just felt intrinsic. From then on, I’ve just known I was meant to design.

The surprising thing for me was discovering how psychological and problem solving a Graphic Designer must be. It is an art in and of itself, to understand your client, their business, their views and bottom line. To gain their trust in you, and to let go of your perceptions enough to work in unison.

It is my honor to share my portfolio with you. It is the culmination of a lifetime full of creative ideas, hard work, and continuing education. I am ceaselessly thrilled about using creativity, psychology, and collaboration to translate vision into meaningful action. In all of life…design with purpose.

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