CLIENT: Finbomb    CHALLENGE: Design t-shirts for the offshore fishing industry. An industry I knew nothing about. This project required extensive competitive research about similar products and relevance to buyers.



CLIENT: Skydive San Diego    CHALLENGE: Design a vinyl adhesive vending machine wrap. THIS WAS ONE OF MY BIGGEST design challenges…what the hell do I know about sky diving?! It really pushed me to explore the excitement, movement, and adrenaline of such an extreme sport. The result is one of my FAVORITE projects all year.



beer box-01

CLIENT: Tap Room CHALLENGE: Design a speacial limited edition beer can and box packaging to celebrate Tap Room’s 10th anniversary.



CLIENT: Trokar    CHALLENGE: Create a Kelp Trick logo to promote a new fish hook series. Highlight product on full color vinyl store window graphics.



CLIENT: Cooks Gluten Free    CHALLENGE: Create logo and bread packaging for a new gluten free bread product. Branding and colors were inspired by Tuscan artisan baking. The colorful bands look like gift wrapped ribbons when filled with bread.



CLIENT: Surrogate Alternatives    CHALLENGE: Create full color vinyl vehicle graphics in dynamic, “surrounding” shapes and soothing colors to convey the great amount of care and professionalism involved with choosing surrogacy.



CLIENT: Resco Instruments CHALLENGE: Create a media wall and table throw used to feature high end time pieces specifically made for U.S. Navy Seals. Design needed to convey the excitement of Seal diving without distracting too much from the featured time pieces.

I’ve used 200+ templates to create print projects for virtually every industry out there. I am well versed at obtaining proper output requirements, anticipating possible issues and working with vendors to complete produce quality products.

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